Thursday, October 13, 2011

follow me on twitter if you can!

follow me on twitter!

I am not a new twitter user. actually, I want to make a list about why I use twitter.

* it is easy to get news all around the world, it is exactly a great source!
* communication is very easy with the hundreds of writers, educators, artists, actors, actresses, etc..
* the most currents news on twitter!
* you can enjoy while reading people's daily activities and feelings.

and... would I use twitter in my teaching?

yes! the world is changing, the student profile is changing, everything is changing and developing..learning and teaching shouldn't be behind the world.



  1. Nice find! Good concise explanation about TWITTER and its relevance in teaching in today's world. I can see that you've picked up on some of the key points already. It will be interesting to get your insights on the use of such social media as TWITTER when you start teaching. Meanwhile, how do you think TWITTER could be useful to use as a METU ELT student?

  2. There are many profiles that can be useful for ELT sts. they can follow for example;!/TEFL!/TeachingEnglish!/thornburyscott

    these are just some of them..if they start to use twitter they will see this is the easiest way to follow the current news in education world.