Thursday, October 20, 2011

google scribe

Use it! I can clearly say that this tool will make your writing process easier. If you try to improve your writing skill and need to be more creative Google scribe will become one of the most enjoyable assistant while you are writing.
Let's have a look this site.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

follow me on twitter if you can!

follow me on twitter!

I am not a new twitter user. actually, I want to make a list about why I use twitter.

* it is easy to get news all around the world, it is exactly a great source!
* communication is very easy with the hundreds of writers, educators, artists, actors, actresses, etc..
* the most currents news on twitter!
* you can enjoy while reading people's daily activities and feelings.

and... would I use twitter in my teaching?

yes! the world is changing, the student profile is changing, everything is changing and developing..learning and teaching shouldn't be behind the world.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

blogging from scratch

teaching on the internet via blogging... should not sound crazy. athough the values gained in class may look more solid, however, this should not lead ones to the idea that teaching can not be experienced online. when we look at teaching closely, it can be seen that we get taught anytime, anywhere! watching movies, listening to music or reading book, teaching is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! so i ask why wouldn't we be able to carry teaching online? encouraging the students to use blogs can make their writing skills up! even if they can't write, they can just try! I want to share with you Lindsay Jordan's video about blogging.